Trung Nguyên Coffee

So I rediscovered my Vietnamese coffee dripper today... and a small cache of Trung Nguy?n coffee I had secreted away after getting back from my Asian excursion a while ago... a little dubious as to whether it would have stood the test of time I brewed a test batch...

And had completely forgotten just how strong it is... yikes - I've been on caffeine buzz for the last hour or so ... it has such a distinctive flavor too... took me straight back to sitting in 35 degree heat, drinking extremely strong coffee mixed with ice cubes and condensed milk in the Vietnamese jungle... (it was a lot more fun then it sounds, though the sweetened condensed milk is a bit too sweet for my liking)

So at any rate - I'm starting to unwind after an incredibly busy period of work - think 16+ hour days for a couple of months ... which has left me a little shattered to say the least... so I'm unwinding a little today...  The lawns are mowed, the sun is
shining and I've started to read  Beautiful Code - which I've heard mixed reviews of, but I
figure it'd be a nice change from SharePoint blogs and should hopefully put me in the right frame of mind as a shift my focus back to projects revolving around ALT.Net technologies once again.

Written on November 11, 2007