The slacker got tagged

Well I've been really slack of late re: the blog and the coding community in general - but at any rate, what brought me back into focus was actually getting email regarding Splicer - yes, there are people using it... who knew?

At any rate, I also noticed that reading back through other peoples blogs - it appears I was actually tagged by Alex James - now I had a personal blog for a while before a technical one, and it's that kind of bollix that drove me away from it as a past time :) but then I'm just a sour sod, soooo.... I've decided to respond, if for no other reason but to confirm that I do in fact read Alex James blog - but I wont bother inflicting the pain on anyone else (plus most of the NZ bloggers have already been swatted a few weeks ago)

Without further delay, 5 things you probably don't know about me:

1) I got engaged last year on the rocks at pink beach, omaha.

2) The first programming language I learned was basic for the vic20, followed shortly by gwbasic.  And then (turbo) C++ when I was 11 or 12 (I forget exactly).

3) I bought my first car at the end of last year, a BMW 318ti.

4) I grew up on a farm and was home schooled for a couple of years, got Dux at the dubious Rodney college in Wellsford, and then did some tertiary studies (ie. made new friends) at Unitec.

5) My cat is named shodan, and my previous cat was run over and consequently body-snatched by gypsies or possibly itallians (according to the neighbours at the time...)

Wasn't that fun, tune in next time when I actually post something of value :)

Written on January 13, 2007