Splicer version Alpha Released

Over the past couple of days I've been working on using DirectShow
and DES (DirectShow Editing Services) for re-encoding mobile video
content suitable for posting on the web... With the goal of
including video editing into our unified "media engine" which the
Syzmk line of products makes use of... as an off-shoot of that work
I decided to refactor the rather ugly code we had for working with
DES over the weekend into something a little less ugly, that hid
most of the details away, say hello to:

(sorry, couldn't resist the lame web 2.0 logo ;o)

A simple little library for doing most of the useful things in DES,
the project is hosted here
up on Codeplex.  It's currently in an
alpha state, at version - and should get feature drops
every week or so until I think it can go into beta.

To give an idea of what I'm up to, it's basically just wrapping up
the various DES components and removing alot of the unpleasantness
(ie. you get to deal with human-friendly units of time like
seconds) .. and seperating the concerns of the timeline, and
rendering that timeline into something useful like audio or video
container (currently that's just WAV, AVI & Windows Media
formats).  It's fully functional, but the interfaces at this
point it isn't very stable as I'm likely to refactor the various
interfaces mercilessly till I get it working how I want, so if you
build something with the library now, it's likely to break in the
future (but probably not in major way, it is after all mirroring
the functionality available in DES).   The added bonus of
developing a set of rich wrappers for a lot of this stuff is that I
can mock away the requirement on DES altogether, which is always a
bonus considering how long the units tests currently take to run
for the Syzmk RMP product.

When I get a chance, I'll put up some code examples to demonstrate
how you might use it... At any rate it'll be going through some dog
fooding in the next month or so while I integrate it with the Syzmk
product, so you'll probably here a little more about in the

Written on September 27, 2006