Splicer 1.0 released.

Version of splicer (the little video/audio composition library that leverages DirectShow which I started a few years ago) is now available on Codeplex
this marks a milestone in stability, and probably the main "feature" of this release is 64bit support, something that's been bugging me for ages as I could only work on the project in a VM!

A quick list of changes since the last release are:

  • Now uses DirectShow.Net 2.0 (thanks to felix, a fellow NZ'r).
  • RenderProgress event.
  • Renderers are disposable.
  • Support for 64bit operating systems.
  • Vista fixes/support.
  • Additional samples (i.e. SampleTimeWatermarkParticipant, and a few others).
  • Tests updated for NUnit 2.4.7.
  • Solution upgraded to VS2008.

What's splicer?

With this library and a little imagination you can:
  • Encode video or audio suitable for use on a website.
  • Create slide shows from images, videos and audio.
  • Apply effects and transitions to audio and video.
  • Grab System.Drawing.Image clips from a video at certain times.
  • Modify individual video frames during encoding via standard C# mage Drawing code.
  • Add new soundtracks to existing video clips.
  • Watermark videos.
  • Build a video editing suite, if you were so inclined.

Written on June 13, 2008