Some more pictures for Joo

Some more pictures for you all, this time we have Laos - only a few as I haven't been taking many:

Laos Kids

Kids... Laos is all about the people, all the kids are friendly, most of the sales people aren't  pushy.. it's pretty good - though poverty is ever present.

Hayley on the slow boat

Hayley, the NZ girl from Christchurch I met on the slow boat who I've been hanging out with for the past week.

Laos tractor

Same Same, But Different - the Laos tractors are like overgrown rotary hoes - nothing  here is built as heavily as the Chinese counterpart, though I still smell a soviet influence which was not present in Thailand.

Monks at the waterfall, near Luang Prabang

The waterfall near Luang Prabang, truely a little piece of paradise.. all the young monks flock here from the local wats at lunchtime to swim for an hour or two - this is only the base of the last waterfall and there are multiple plateaus rising up for 200 odd feet above this point.

Bomb Bomb Bomb

There a bombs in the strangest places here... Laos is all forrest and farmers, it's hard to imagine it's one of the most bombed countries on earth, though it does make you follow the well trod tracks - UXO, unexploded ordinance, is a very real problem here (like Mines in Cambodia).

Written on April 28, 2005