Rhino Mocks 3.0 beta is out!

It seemed a long time coming, but finally
Rhino Mock's 3.0
is available, which of course also means

Proxy 2 has made it to that sweet generic method support
nirvana as well :)

I don't know where I'd be without these tools, I haven't done a
.Net project without them in the last couple of years... in fact
it's fueled my reluctance over the last couple of years for
returning to bespoke development at any NZ dev shop which might
dictate other (crappier) alternatives ;o)

I also noticed that mono is getting it's C# 3.0 support slowly
... Extension methods are in, as is some Lambda
support... I need to sit down and spend some time thinking about
how I should go about unit testing some of this stuff, it's on my
list of "testing" things to do right after getting to grips with
RhinoMocks 3 and perhaps writing another blog entry on mocking
Base4 with all the new "goodies" - I need to do a monorail/base4
website for another little venture, so it's probably as good a time
as any.

Went for a swim at Omaha today... just can't get enough of the
beach this year - John
turned up at the same time we did, there's only so
many "Not in front of John" jokes I can handle in one day... or a
life time ;o)

Written on February 18, 2007