OAuth .Net implementation


I have a first release of my OAuth implementation up on google code, you can read a little more about it here and the code can be found here.  It's released under the MIT license, basically do what you like with it.

The library includes both consumer and a provider implementations - test coverage is pretty poor, as it was originally put together as part of my REST presentation to the local Ellerslie .Net user group a few weeks ago, but as I work through the code and rewrite various sections in my spare time it should become a little more

If you're serious about using this code then I would suggest reviewing the OAuth core spec
and the OAuth problem reporting extensions.

The OAuth wiki and google group are also great places to learn more about OAuth.

I have not added the MonoRail examples back to the code yet - but will shortly - and will probably provide a WCF implementation as well.

I've also posted a short intro to OAuth -  OAuth for beginners - for those who are interested.

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Architecture Chat #27

Architecture Chat was today... discussions included:

  • ADO.Net Data Services shortcomings (no COUNT for starters...

  • Entity Framework usability & the extensibility model (or
    lack thereof) etc.
  • Template Engines / Domain specific languages and debug
  • The EyeFI
    SD Card that packs both Wireless and GPS + 2GB
    storage into a single package.

  • Sql Server Compressed Tables & Indexes.
  • Thoughts around having pile-like columns in a
    database, and avoiding column-level information redundancy
    (compressed column).

  • StringBuilder performance.
  • Practical uses for BigTable (and Amazon SimpleDB etc.).

  • A lot of developers don't use or even know of the yield
    operator in C#.

Thanks all for coming and see you in a couple of weeks.
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REST Presentation Post-Mortem

Thanks to everyone for turning up at my REST presentation yesterday, much appreciated!

At any rate - a quick note to say that I'll tidy up the slide deck a little and post most of the examples in the next couple of days.

The OAuth code I'll publish in a week or two as a seperate open-source project...  probably on googlecode or codeplex... and I'll break out the dependencies on the Castle stack so that it'll be usable for a general range of consumer / provider implementations (i.e. vanilla ASP.Net etc.)

Oh and appologies if I was a little vague - I was running on empty (have the flu quite bad and haven't really slept all week).

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REST presentation tonight, Architecture Chat Tomorrow

Morning All.

I'm presenting on "REST with .Net" tonight at the Ellerslie .Net User Group.

More details can be found on the Ellerslie user group site.

I'll be (attempting) to cover:

I have a touch of the flu - so we might not make it through everything before I loose my voice :) but we'll give it a go... and I'm hoping to keep the REST & WCF section short - seeing as we had  Ron Jacobs covering that last Friday at the Auckland connected systems user group.

And tomorrow we have the Architecture Chat at 11:30, the last chat was very quiet (just 3 of us, so I didn't bother writing it up) - hopefully this week will be a little more lively - if anyone has any topic suggestions then just send me an email or comment on this post...

See you all there!

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.Net Reactor Users Google Group

I've been getting 2 or 3 emails every month from worried .Net Reactor users regarding the status of the product or looking for support ever since this  post... Truth is I'm not using the product at the moment, as I don't have any projects that need it right now - as such I'm not such a great point of contact!

At any rate, to try and deflect those queries to a more appropriate place (especially as I just don't have time to answer them in many cases) I've created the .Net Reactor users group - a place for users of Eziriz products to post questions, answers or to just ask if anyone is out there.

So if you do stumble across my blog, why not join the group and post your questions there rather then sending me an email (which I probably won't see or get the time to reply to).

Edit: as an update, the google group is now being monitored by the .Net Reactor Author Denis Mierzwiak (MrBurns104) too, which is obviously a good thing.

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