2009-07-07 - Next Architecture Chat

Hi All,

Just a quick update re: the next Architecture Chat.

Last weeks chat didn't go ahead because I was overseas on leave, and unfortunately on my way home I picked up a dose of some mega flu which is knocking me around something fierce - apparently it's not of the swine variety, but I'm starting to wonder...

At any rate, rather then unleash it upon everyone else I'll hold off setting up another chat until I've recovered - so I suspect that'll mean Thursday next week, 16th July.

If you have any topic suggestions for next week, just leave a comment on this post, flick me an email or message me on twitter.  Look forward to seeing you all then.

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Architecture Chat #50

Sorry for the delays, here's the write-up for the last architecture chat.

  • Discussed equivalent Java WAR Files, and options/alternatives (or lack there of) for .Net - including Sharepoint's WSP files, and the Microsoft web platform installer.
  • Internationalisation - discussions around the lack of good, free tools for i18n'ing applications and user interfaces easily.
  • Crunchpad device, and a brief side-conversation about Mike Arringtons antics in the geek media lately.
  • Build Providers, and their uses.
  • Refactoring legacy code as a skill and discussions around painting inwards from many corners and other apporaches to dividing, conquering and controlling legacy code.
  • Vodafone MM7 gateway on the way.
  • Outsourcing / Telecommuting, and general factors such as Time zones, synchronizing streams of works, the productivity bonuses and personality challenges of working away from your team.
  • Ipod touch as a handheld device to target for business app development.
  • Conditional defines, modularity and the roll on effects for continuous integration and support.
  • Mono's difficulties/bad PR on Linux as people get confused/concerned about licensing.
  • Memory mapped files in .Net 4.0 (easier to use that you'd expect).
  • Was ruby the right choice - discussing thoughtworks experiences with ruby, the velocity at which new tools are developed/adopted/dropped for the ruby platform, and what paralells and differences exist between it and .Net.

We also had a new comer, who's just moved back to Auckland from overseas, Josh
.  Always glad to see new faces!
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2009-06-17 - Architecture Chat Tomorrow

Hi All, It's that time again - time for another Auckland
Architecture chat.

Some possible topics I've come across in the last couple of

We'll be meeting at the usual time of 11:30am @ Garrisons, Sylvia
Park, Tomorrow (Thursday 18th June 2009) - and the topics above
are just there in case we run out of anything else to talk about
(which is rare).

For more details on the location and write-ups of previous
sessions you can consult the associated wiki.

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Architecture Chat #49

Here's what we talked about at last weeks weeks Architecture chat...

  • Black fibre (sparked off by this story in the US)
  • Unmarked helicopters.
  • Open XML SDK 2.0 April Refresh.
  • Need for XML Tidy / Reformatting / Code clean of word xml before parsing/processing it with automated tools to simplify/combine runs etc.
  • Writing your own mini-DNS server, and approaches to programmatically balancing load and geographic distribution via DNS.
  • Legacy codebases, and the true cost of "small updates" to legacy apps.
  • Outsourcing horror stories.
  • Encrypted stored procedures.
  • Wolfram AlphaGoogle squared and Google wave and the joys of tabular data.
  • Data centre location/latency issues (especially for parts of Europe and the pacific/Oceania regions).
  • Project Natal for XBox 360

Next meeting is Thursday, 18th June 2009 - see you all there!
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Architecture Chat #46, #47 & #48

Apologies for not posting these sooner - here are the write-ups
for the last month and half of Architecture Chats.

  • Word & Excel document generation - testing approaches,
    the problems with verifying document structure without styling,
    interop performance bottlenecks etc.
  • Metadata, n-triples &
  • Supporting micro formats, formats that aren't formats etc.
  • Symantec SVS.
  • Software Engineering degrees vs. Comp Sci degrees, comparing
    volumes of practical experience, projects etc.
  • NDA's & Student projects and the risks involved with
    offering projects to students vs. protecting IP / perceived
    business advantages.
  • NUnit 2.5 details.
  • Winforms to WPF -
    talking about why such a thing exists, the obvious risks and
    potential messes such a tool can create if not taken as just a
    learning tool.
  • Longevity of purpose built languages vs. general purpose
  • ExtJS - I've talked about
    this JavaScript library a few times, but I don't think I've
    ever linked to it - so go check out the samples if you
    haven't.  Great fit for MVC based RIA's.
  • Making code changes on site - advantages, disadvantages - and
    the relationship/perceptions it creates with customers (customers
    are either impressed, or begin to feel you can fix anything given a couple of
  • Observing customers on site using your software, difficulties
    in doing this without being onsite, ways to automate this etc.
  • Entity Framework - ESQL.
  • NHibernate HQL

  • Visualising Linq queries, current options, what's missing
  • Flagging builds which are released to customers vs. builds
    which are released internally, and different approaches to
    versioning etc.
  • Domainz hacked, msn redirected
  • Sql injection attacks still working far too often.
  • Nokia 1100 - huge demand, changing numbers, banking scams.
  • Scaling and implementing document &
    distributed/persistent hash tables... including talking about
    CouchDB, MyISAM and Esent (Extensible Storage Engine).
  • Lucene.Net -
    using/abusing it for storing your data along with search
    documents, and performance implications (i.e. the observation
    that it's still quick).

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