Make those hidden queues visible...

For a discipline so focused on measuring and understanding everything about our software once it’s been carefully deployed into it’s final resting place in the production environment — it always comes as a surprise when talking to engineers about the process of reviewing, testing and deploying their software that it’s so focused on “feelings” rather then facts.

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Family News

For those who know me personally, they probably know Renee & I were expecting our first child this month. Well she has finally arrived.

Ivy McAuley Henderson, Born 24th August, 10:26pm.

Both Mum and Baby are very well :)

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Architecture Chat is back for 2013

Hi All,

It's 2013, and the Architecture Chat is back for the new year, after taking a little break.

We will be meeting this Thursday, 17th January at 11:30am, at Benediction Cafe, Newton.

We are collecting topics on the following google doc:

And if you have not been to the Architecture Chat before, you can find more about it here:

Also, don't forget that Codemania is on the 12th April, 2013 this year, with tickets on sale now.

Early-bird pricing runs out on the 13th of Feb - this year also sees the introduction of a couple of half-day workshops as well.

More goodness for all!

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