2010-07-20 - North Shore Architecture Chat Tomorrow

Architecture Chat Tomorrow

It's been a while, but it's back again - the North Shore Architecture Chat is happening tomorrow (22nd July) - starting at 11:30am.

Location will again be the "New Brew" pub, unless anyone else has a better suggestion.

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Suggested topics for this week:

If anyone else has topic suggestions, please leave a comment here - or add them to the list on this public wave.

See you all tomorrow!

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Architecture Chat is postponed till Next Week

Just a quick note - we were due to have an Architecture chat this Thursday, but I'm a little snowed under - so I'm going to postpone it until the following Thursday (22nd July 11:30am, Garrisons, Sylvia Park).

We are collecting topics on this wave - feel free to post suggestions on google wave, via email or on twitter with the hashtag #ArchitectureChat.

See you all next week!

- Alex

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Architecture Chat Tomorrow (Thursday 1st July)

Architecture Chat tomorrow - Thursday 1st July at Garrisons,
Sylvia Park.

Starting at the usual time of 11:30 am.

Some possible topics for this week:

The wave this week can be found here.  If you want to raise topics for next time either
email them, start a wave, or post them on twitter with the
hashtag #ArchitectureChat.

There is also a wiki
(somewhat outdated) with additional details about the
Architecture chat, including location etc.

Also coming up:

  • Wednesday 30th June - 6pm - AucklandSQL meeting - "What's
    new in SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Next Thursday - 8th July - 11:30am - North Shore Architecture
    Chat (Tentatively).

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2010-06-16 - Architecture Chat Tomorrow

After a brief hiatus, the Auckland Architecture Chat is back again.

We will be meeting Thursday 17th June at 11:30am, Garrisons, Sylvia Park.

Some possible topics for this week.

The wave(s) this week can be found here and here.  FYI Google wave is now available to everyone, invites no longer required.  There is also a wiki with additional details about the Architecture chat.

Also - FYI - a couple of upcoming events.

See you all tomorrow!
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Currently On Holiday – Back Second Week of June

I've had a few inquiries from people re: when the next Architecture Chat is etc.

I'm currently on holiday in Europe, dodging Volcanic ash, Piles of rubbish in Amsterdam and flooding in Poland, where I'm currently at - though I'll be heading to the UK shortly, if anyone wants to catch up for a Beer... and won't be back in New Zealand until the second week of June.


(Flooding in Krakow)

In the mean time Josh Robb and Peter B "may" be organising meetings - you can find more about what's going on by following this wave, or possibly checking the dot.net.nz mailing lists for announcements, though I think Josh is off to the UK shortly, so there may not be a meeting until I return... unless someone else wants to organise one in my absence.

See everyone in a few weeks time.


- Alex

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