Picture time again..

Well seeing as I'm taking it "easy" today after my abortionary visit to the Angkor temples yesterday (read about it in my next post) and waiting for my Antibiotics to kick in I thought it was about time to post some more pictures.. so here goes:

The plain of Jars near Phonsavan, Laos - all I can say is It's more impressive in person ;o)

While leaning out the bus window we get to see one of the bus staff attending to a flat tire in Laos, obviously a gun is an important tool in this process...

The "arsenal" on display in a restaurant in Phonsavan, just about every establishment had a similar display... much like a New Zealand beach bach has 70's decor.

The faux Arche de triumphe made with misappropriated concrete for a new airport in Vientiane.  Compare it to the original structure here http://www.caingram.info/Worldwide/Pic_htm/paris_1.htm if you feel so inclined)

Looking down on the lower levels of Wat Phu Champasak, near Champasak/Pakse in Laos.  These structures are known to be older then Angkor Wat.

More Wat Phu Champasak goodness...

The vehicle ferrys in Laos - basically a narrow boat with two "outriggers" and vehicles moving on/off it side-on.

Though hard to see, the wheel just has rope wraped round it a couple of times that then travels inside the hull to the back rudder... rough as guts ;o)

One of the nicer examples of decaying colonial architecture in Phnom Penh.

Mmmm... what can you say? A sign at the killing fields.

Urns of bones, At the killing fields.

Some of the 'mug shots' of people brought to S-21 - there are walls and walls of these, a number of the people had minor birth defects or medical conditions which were evident in the pictures. People with spectacles were prime targets.. as was anyone of a high level of education.

More of the same, this time as profile shots.

The stupa holding the skulls of people killed and burried in the mass graves of the killing fields - they leave the bottom level open so people can touch them, personally I thought that was a tad disrespectful... and I saw one Khmer man standing by looking quite upset while a tourist tapped on one of the skulls.

The Stupa, as seen from the outside - it's quite big.

I shot of building 'C' at S-21, the entire building is shrowded in barbed wire and full of small bricked up cells created inside the original class rooms.

The monkeys at Wat Phnom, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

My first glimpse of Angkor Wat, as seen from a near by hill.

Sunsets over ancient structures, always makes for a nice picture.

Written on May 15, 2005