.Net Reactor Users Google Group

I've been getting 2 or 3 emails every month from worried .Net Reactor users regarding the status of the product or looking for support ever since this  post... Truth is I'm not using the product at the moment, as I don't have any projects that need it right now - as such I'm not such a great point of contact!

At any rate, to try and deflect those queries to a more appropriate place (especially as I just don't have time to answer them in many cases) I've created the .Net Reactor users group - a place for users of Eziriz products to post questions, answers or to just ask if anyone is out there.

So if you do stumble across my blog, why not join the group and post your questions there rather then sending me an email (which I probably won't see or get the time to reply to).

Edit: as an update, the google group is now being monitored by the .Net Reactor Author Denis Mierzwiak (MrBurns104) too, which is obviously a good thing.

Written on May 22, 2008