nDepend Refactoring Analysis...

About to run off to a meeting... so I'll make this quick.

Just read an interesting post by Donald Belcham on Refactoring Analysis with the help of nDepend... he's gone through the process of moving from .Net 1.1 to 2.0, then introducing interface based code, breaking classes apart to ensure they're enforcing the principle of single responsibility, moving to injecting dependencies, rolling his own primitive Inversion of Control container and finally employing the Castle Project's windsor container instead.

It pays to know a little bit about nDepend of course to understand the Abstractness vs Relational Cohesion figures... either take a look at the nDepend site, or maybe have a listen to the  .Net Rocks podcast earlier this year which covered the same topic.

I'm not sure the figures actually answer questions so much as they ask them ... but it's interesting to see how much impact his first two rounds of refactoring had on the results.

I wonder how the figures would've come out had he executed his refactoring in a different order...  maybe DI first, then breaking the classes up based on responsibility, IoC and then finally introducing interfaces... hmmm

Written on July 26, 2007