More SharePoint hacks

Here are some more SharePoint hacks (continuing on from my last
post here)

First off some hacks for the SPGridView which is actually a pretty useful control, but
fails to do a few things, like displaying attachment columns
as-per SharePoint's default List views (with a little paper-clip
symbol), and the second (and much more annoying) it doesn't use
the current users regional settings / timezone for formatting
DateTime values.

The hacks:

And finally support for a ListForm replacement web part -
after trying to customize the ListForm to suit a customers
requirements by creating a CustomListForm in SharePoint designer I
gave up in disgust because it's just too limited in what it lets
you achieve, and worst of all, it breaks attachments support! 
So I wrote a small web part to replace it, which allows for
fine-grained control of visibility and editability (if that's even
a word) of each field, and as an added bonus it doesn't break the
attachments functionality.  I also wanted to add additional
links/buttons to the form which triggered a save including
validation etc. - so I did a little hack to implement that as
I might have a few more to post before the end of the project
- but it's almost wrapped up, so these may be the last for a

Hopefully someone out there finds them useful.
Written on November 9, 2007