IronPython on ASP.Net

IronPython on ASP.Net ?

Yes, that's right... dynamic language support in ASP.Net ... and some interesting things I didn't know existed in ASP.Net already, such as no-compile pages - well worth a skim through the whitepaper here ( - it's an interesting approach to bringing in dynamic language support to - and would certainly work for ruby on the CLR as well... probably better actually because ruby's statements are balanced and so you have less problem with whitespace.

Speaking of the deadly space that is white, It will be interesting to see if they've dealth with this horrible python integration issue at all...

I haven't seen any evidence of whitespace agnostic additions in the sample code that's been posted, so I'm guessing not... in which case there may be tears before bed time for some developers who want to do quick-and-dirty asp-like code (which I see is one of the advantages of using a dynamic language in this situation) ... As it all tends to blow up in your face when your tabs are slightly out of line - something which visual studio might just do for you when it feels like shuffling your html ;o)

I'm not sure how easy it would be to introduce a whitespace agnostic mode in IronPython for ASP.Net (Boo's whitespace agnostic mode, as used in Brail is quite elegant...  the alternative is to do something like the spyce framework, using opening and closing braces... which just looks mucky to me because you end up with stuff like this:

[[ if display:{ ]]
something here
[[ }else:{ ]]
nothing here
[[ } ]]

Seems a bit too noisey... the "if display:" is enough to know you need to locate a matching closing block, so adding a construct like "end" should do the trick... which is how it's done in Brail...
<%if display:%>
something here
nothing here

As clean as...
Written on November 2, 2006