I'm back...

After a long hiatus from Blogging, I've returned... hopefully with a vengence, but more likely with a small "vurrrrp" sound... like hot air bubbling up through porridge.

Lets start off with a recap... Spectacles, testacles, wallet and all that jazz.

My name is Alex Henderson, 26 years young, living in Auckland, New Zealand.  I've been working on code since I was knee high, cut my teeth in GW Basic while in primary school, and C++ a few years after that... Now days I tend to spend my hours working in C# code, and my spare time in either .Net and ruby or python when I feel like a change.

For the last year and a half I've been working for a start up company called Seismic Technologies which works in a rather ill-defined space, which I'll probably talk about in posts to come.

The main product I've been working on for Syzmk is the "Rich Media Processor" - it's a message clearing house, geared
towards taking messages with rich content, transforming them, and then distributing them... The messages might be files on a network share, emails, SMS or MMS messages from a phone etc.  It's all about rich content, so a large part of the product deals with transforming the content before furnishing it to line of business
systems - we have been working with companies like XSOL who use our product to use messages from mobile devices to extend their business processes outside of the host organisation.

Before I was working for the Seismic, I was travelling around Asia for 4 months... which was a lot of fun, I hope to visit europe next... Then maybe Japan, Egypt and South America.

Written on September 26, 2006