Hacking SharePoint

I've been working with SharePoint lately, it's a technology of highs and lows... the highs are when you've finally got something to work that should've worked in the first place, the lows are well... all the times in between.

Ok, so that sounds cynical - SharePoint is actually quite a cool product - there's a lot of good in there... stuff that would take you a while to write yourself... but it just tends to drive you a bit crazy, things that look easy from a distance become hard to achieve because of poor documentation, lack of extension points and the difficulty in building testable code.

At any rate, while on this project I've been compiling a list of hacks that other people may find useful, which I used to solve a few of the problems I was hitting while developing... here are the first few:

There are some more coming shortly.
Written on November 7, 2007