Getting hands-on for the lazy

So the first 9 posts are up for the container tutorial series...  but I haven't made much mention of what can be done to play around with the windsor container yourself while reading this series.

Well first-off ... my thoughts on getting started with the Castle project are generally practical, first off I think it's worth grabbing the second release candidate - check out what castle can do, have a general play, maybe try to generate a monorail project and get it working... and then ... well I would probably uninstall it, and grab the latest cut of the castle project and contributed projects from svn and build it yourself using nant.

This gives you opportunities to use all the "new stuff" that gets added day by day (as well as bug fixes) but also ensures your actually capable of building and contributing patches for any issues you discover.

But that's a bit of an ask for someone experimenting, especially if you don't know anything about svn... so essentially for playing around with the basics of the windsor container, you only need 4 Castle assemblies from the bleeding edge, and I'll give them to you:

And to make life easy I included those assemblies in a folder called "SharedLibs" as part of the following zip file, which contains the code for the first 9 parts... I'll do another code
drop at the end of the container tutorials to round out the series for the sake of posterity... but everything you need for the first 9 tutorials is here:

Files for Parts 1 thru 9

Good Times ;o)

Written on April 19, 2007