Currently On Holiday – Back Second Week of June

I've had a few inquiries from people re: when the next Architecture Chat is etc.

I'm currently on holiday in Europe, dodging Volcanic ash, Piles of rubbish in Amsterdam and flooding in Poland, where I'm currently at - though I'll be heading to the UK shortly, if anyone wants to catch up for a Beer... and won't be back in New Zealand until the second week of June.


(Flooding in Krakow)

In the mean time Josh Robb and Peter B "may" be organising meetings - you can find more about what's going on by following this wave, or possibly checking the mailing lists for announcements, though I think Josh is off to the UK shortly, so there may not be a meeting until I return... unless someone else wants to organise one in my absence.

See everyone in a few weeks time.


- Alex

Written on May 21, 2010