Connectivity woes

Well this blog, the wiki and all the other associated services disappeared for most of today... thanks to the magic of NoAuth ... for no reason that anyone could explain to me beyond "it sometimes happens" - Orcon lost Authority over my business DSL connection, and it reverted back to Telecom/Xtra (New Zealands "legacy" telco)... and it took must of today for them to get the authority changed back, I don't think this was any fault of Orcons, but it still pissed me off no end.

So apologies to anyone wondering where my blog went, or any of the related services - I do have plans to migrate the blog to US servers in the not to distant future.  And big apologies to all the Architecture chat participants, sorry I couldn't get a reminder email out sooner.

On a different note - It did identify a need for me to maintain a secondary connection, with a static IP, that I can fall back to if required... thankfully the three concurrent projects that have been in UAT over the last couple of weeks have all wound down now - so it didn't have as much impact as it could of.

Though at least they wouldn't have been able to log bugs about servers being unavailable, Trac would've been unavailable too ;o)

... so any suggestions as to what would make an adequate fall back technology (something other then DSL, I've used wired country two-way-radio to the sky tower in the past which has worked well, but it doesn't give much "bang" for buck and has a high up-front cost last time I checked) ... I'm not too worried about 1 day downtime, but if this had been 3 or 4 days it would've been quite damaging for me, customers and those intangibles like reputation.

At any rate - thanks for the patience, and I'll see some of you at the Architecture Chat tomorrow.


- Alex

Written on December 5, 2007