Catch Limited Turns 3

So Catch Ltd (one of
DevDefined's partners)
turned 3 today, and there was a few birthday celebrations 
this evening.  Not only was it an opportunity for me to
establish my supremacy in the role of worst ten pin bowler, but
it was I think one of the first times the entire Catch team
actually got to the meet each other - considering the type
of work Catch does (providing QA, BA & PM resources
primarily, generally on-site) it's actually pretty rare for
everyone to be in one place at the same time!

It's been great to watch a company that started off effectively
with just the Managing Director Bryce Day 3 years ago reach
a size where you can't even fit all the employees into a
meeting room any more, with new roles being created on an
almost weekly basis, exciting times ahead for Catch I would

Great work Bryce, and all the Catch Staff - keep up the great

And for anyone looking for a company which can provide highly
skilled and talented PM, BA or QA resources or end-to-end
software development leveraging the skill sets in both Catch
Limited and DevDefined then why not drop Catch an email?

Written on July 4, 2007