Blowing up the burner..

Well I blew up my feedburner yesterday... my RSS feed was set to max out at 50 items, which, with my love for pasting html-bloated source code was well over the 256K limit.... but feedburner never bothered tell me it was dead... only noticed today... at any
rate, I tried resetting the size to a max of 6 posts in the feed... and pinging it... but it was still dead, so I did a resync... still no joy... In the end I found that I had to turn
off feed burner support in das blog and then resync the feed.

Moral of the story, don't bloat your feed (It was bad form at any rate, especially in bandwidth starved New Zealand ;o)

If you can see this post it's all working again happily...

Written on October 27, 2006