Auckland Architecture Chat Today

Auckland Architecture Chat is Today (Thursday), 10th February, at 11:30am, Garrisons, Sylvia Park.

Potential topics:

  • Rob Eisenberg (Caliburn/Caliburn.Micro) hinting about a Caliburn Micro MVVM framework for HTML/JavaScript (I believe leveraging Knockout.js) as per discussion on Herding code.
  • Dom Monster - check your pages DOM performance.
  • Android 3 UI preview.
  • Angular JS - transparent/automatic DOM/JS data binding/validation etc. Looks _EXTREMELY_ interesting as an approach.
  • Rainbird- Twitter's implementation of a _highly_ scalable atomic counting service/DB over top of Cassandra. (100,000 writes/sec). Some interesting thoughts about denormalizing data to provide pre-computed aggregates.
  • Asana - Collaboration for teams - looks awesome. Better version of the video here (HQ video here).
  • What are rails developers doing for ajax these days (would be interesting to contrast with .Net/Ruby).
  • Jenkin's first release (aka Hudson).
  • NZ developed Visual NHibernate on on the NHibernate blog.

The wave for this week is here - If you have other topics you would like to discuss, just add them to the list.

There is also a wiki (somewhat out dated) with additional details about the Architecture chat, including location etc.

See you all tomorrow!

Written on February 9, 2011