Auckland Architect Chat Tomorrow

Auckland Architecture Chat Tomorrow - 11:30am, Thursday 11th November 2010.   Location (As usual) is Garrisons, Sylvia Park.

Possible topics include:

The wave for this week is here.  If you have other topics you would like to discuss, just add them to the list.

There is also a wiki (somewhat out dated) with additional details about the
Architecture chat, including location etc.

See you all tomorrow!

Also, there are couple of user group meetings coming up:

  • Ellerslie.Net user group meeting on the 17th of this Month, as part of the Tech.Ed 2010 Express Road show.  Details here.
  • JUG (Java User Group) are meeting on the 18th of this Month - presenting are Richard Vowles and Michael McCallum about Sky's development projects, and also Dennis Sosnoski from Wellington on SOAP, SOA, and REST architectures. Details

Written on November 9, 2010