Astoria... got the "so what" ... just waiting for the "ah hah"...

So looking at Astoria
very briefly today ... a good starting point is probably Alex James blog and all the linked
posts - and so far I'm left with a "so what" attitude to the
technology releases so far (but it is very early days).

I feel like what's being presented is something I could cobble
together using Dream
and ActiveRecord/NHibernate
or Base4 with a couple of weeks
work at best... I'm probably being a little optimistic though ;o)
Devil is always in the detail... but what's in the wild so far
hasn't made me sit up and take notice, I hope the next couple of
drops will though.

However in the mean time, what does interest me:

  • Standardization of a query scheme... so far I've only seen
    examples of search/get queries.. I'm particularly interested in
    any update related queries... this is where the opportunities for
    doing evil live, and where community input will be vital I think.
  • How does WebDAV fit into the Astoria picture at the

  • Astoria SaaS ... I find the idea of being able to design and
    provision REST'ful stores on the web (with my own schema) quite
    • That said - I'm not sure what I'd do with it, but I still
      want it ;o)

    • And thinking out loud, but besides the obvious uses for
      web/ajax/flash/silverlight fraternity *yawn* - could this
      kind of thing actually give new life to some desktop based
      applications - It could certainly smarten them up a bit, so
      that using the same application on multiple machines (i.e.
      work/home) could optionally give you the same

Written on May 2, 2007