Arhictecture Chat #34

We talked about a couple of announcments, including the Prism V2 Drop 1, and it's multi-targeting support for Silverlight/WPF (Something we've talked about for a while since WPF & WPF/E first emerged) - we did cover some of the other announcments in
this post as well.

After that we ended up with quite a general discussion on what makes adopting unit testing (and test driven) practices difficult and how mocking/stubbing/AAA etc. fits in.  Interesting side-topics included the idea of teaching test driven development as the very first part of a first-year programming paper at university, behaviour driven development / specs etc.

We had another new comer this week - Guy - who gave us some perspective on how shops still focusing on C/C++ work - as always it's great to have newcomers coming along and contributing to the conversation.

Guy was Albany based, which raised the question again of if we need to have the odd Architecture chat over on the shore - my only concern is that we'd probably loose half of our existing attendees, so unless I got interest for a good 4 or 5 people on the shore It's
probably not worth bothering with - and we'd need a location that's not too noisy (we abandoned our original location in Ellerslie for that very reason).

Apologies for the late post - I have been experiencing a lot of issues since  moving to Orcons LLU (that'll teach me for hosting this blog and wiki on-site :)

Write-ups of previous Architecture Chats can be found on the wiki here.

Written on October 6, 2008