Architecture Survey

Catch Limited (A NZ
based consultancy) are currently performing an Industry wide survey
on Enterprise
(not to be mistaken with Application
Architecture), which includes questions on tools, frameworks and
competencies of organisations throughout New Zealand and the World.

The survey itself can be found here
(and has been localized for Chinese, German, Japanese and Spanish
speaking participants as well) - and by participating in the
survey you will receive a summary report of the survey results,
once they've collected all the results.

Of particular interest (to me at least) will be seeing what the
uptake of Enterprise
Architecture Frameworks
are around the world, and just what
frameworks organisations are selecting, such as TOGAF or Zachman.
Additionally I'm keen to see what tools companies are using in
both NZ and the world, and what features of those tools are being
employed (useful information to those of us who like building
niche products or plug-ins for existing modelling tools and
frameworks, but aren't necessarily sure of market size etc.).

The survey takes about 10 or so minutes to complete (I did it
this morning) - and would be particularly relevant/interesting to
companies that employ an Enterprise Architecture Framework
already (or are thinking about employing one) - though there are
still plenty of questions relevant to organisations which do not
employ a framework at all, such as my own company!

Written on January 20, 2009