Architecture Chats #42 & #43

Architecture Chat #42

Quite a good turn out, fairly rambling - we talked about:
  • Rolling your own caching, approaches, what's currently offered by EF and the pitfalls etc. of attempting to substitute database caching with action caching/memoization or partial view caching.
  • General discussions on financial situation, current challenges for people running development shops etc.
  • Scaling applications, and affects of coding for a non-relational backing data store.
  • Continuous integration, Jamie mentioned the interesting Continuous Deployment at IMVU: Doing the impossible fifty times
    a day

Architecture Chat #43

Small turn out - 3 people, Peter B & Tim Barnet (from Hamilton) & Myself.

Most of the discussion was around the .net community in New Zealand, we talked all things community related in NZ- mailing list (including the hamster), what's going on in the user groups, what could be done better, wiki's, collaboration etc.  Also contrasted NZ's community with what's happening elsewhere in the world, the current decline of regional mailing list interest compared to growth of stackoverflow and other more internationally focused development communities.

Also discussed the recent conference, some of the outcomes, the challenges of really getting mainstream developers interested and the difficulties developers have in getting productive in the .Net community verses others such as php, python or ROR.

Also briefly discussed the lack of a package management solution for .Net developers to make managing interdependencies etc. easier.

Written on March 25, 2009