Architecture Chat Update

So for those curious, the Architecture Chat is still going - I know the last post was on February 22nd... apologies for the slackness.

Currently we have been using Google Docs (after the demise of google wave) to arrange the chats, which all the regular folk get invited to (the document that is) - and just announcing the doc on Twitter (follow myself @bittercoder or the hash tag #ArchitectureChat to see announcements of upcoming chats).

If your are a past regular/planning to come along more often in the future - then let me know your email address and I can start inviting you to the google doc as well.

In other news we have also relocated, with the chats now being held at Benediction
, in Newton.   This is proving more Central for everyone, and should mean that people in the CBD can make it along more regularly (walking distance in some cases), plus the
coffee is better!

To recap here are all the google docs for this year:

The next chat is Thursday this week, hope to see you all there!
Written on April 30, 2012