Architecture chat this thursday.

Hi All!

The next Architecture chat is on thursday this week, 11:30am at the Sylvia Park in Auckland (at Garrisons).

As always, bring along your thoughts and discussions, and in the mean time here are some possible topics for discussion that have caught my eye over the last two weeks.

  • Java & .Net
    • The IKVM project (Java VM implemented in .Net)

  • Accropolis changes
    • No new previews
    • P&P will provide WPF Composite Client guidance (uh oh)

  • Open source CMS's

  • F# - becoming a first class language in VS.Net
  • PLinq, now GridLinq.
  • Recruiting .Net developers how to/approaches.

And if anyone else has suggestions, feel free to throw me a comment/email etc. and hopefully we can get a few more of the regulars back this week.

See you all thursday!

Written on October 30, 2007