Architecture Chat #54

Good turn out at the last Architecture chat, including Guy, who hadn't been to one for over a year, and Murray, a new comer.

  • Secunia Corporate Software Scanner - How to identify missing patches etc.
  • Discussed the 97 things every software architect should know and Beautiful Architecture books - I'll bring them along next time if anyone wants to borrow them.
  • Discussed Facebook's key/value database Cassandra.
  • Discussed approaches for publishing and consuming RSS, talked about PubSub Hubbub.
  • Discussed selecting technologies for building CRUD Apps, and what are good technologies for learning ORM.
    • Discussed NHibernate being the Swiss army knife, lots of features, interesting place to learn as you will become aware with almost every facet of ORM nomenclature etc.

    • Discussed Entity Framework, Linq2Sql  and others including Lightspeed.
    • Discussed difference between highly opinionated vs. non-opinionated ORM's.

  • Software Craftsmanship - sparked off by this article in the Herald - general consensus was we didn't agree at all with the article, and that there is an obvious disconnect between the view points of academia and practicing developers.
    • Discussed the ideas of Science based engineering rigueur
      improving software quality and stopping projects running over
      budget, and it's rather short-sighted view of how software
      defects originate / what contributes to overall "software
    • Big discussion was around Software "engineering" - and
      how far removed from other engineering disciplines we are.
    • Discussed fact that most software development focused
      degrees in New Zealand don't qualify you to join IPENZ - and if we could,
      most of us wouldn't want to.
    • Discussed the laughable Idea of forcing developers to
      study something every year to "stay current" - everyone
      agreed if you're not learning something every day as a developer, your
      doing it wrong.

  • Service Buses & IoC Containers (the conversation got a bit mixed up between these two) - things we discussed were:
    • When to adopt, i.e. how big does a project have to be, what problems should you be facing.
    • Quite a bit of discussion around the misnomer of "how big" being a reason to adopt any technology, rather then how complex, good fit etc.
    • Discussed the dangers of adopting technology and practices prematurely.
    • Examples of .Net service bus:

  • Discussed the .Net Mailing List - Josh didn't know what it was, which in some way reflects that it's not longer promoted any more, discussed it succumbing to a slow death, how stack overflow affected question traffic etc. - FYI You can still subscribe to the mailing lists here.
  • Expressed annoyance that no longer works after the "upgrade" to sharepoint, need the www. prefix.
  • Wordpress twitter-like themes/plugins, such as the prologue / P2 theme.
  • Pomodoro timers, including tomatoes, footballs, iphone apps and even *gasp horror* on-screen timers.

Written on September 7, 2009