Architecture Chat #50

Sorry for the delays, here's the write-up for the last architecture chat.

  • Discussed equivalent Java WAR Files, and options/alternatives (or lack there of) for .Net - including Sharepoint's WSP files, and the Microsoft web platform installer.
  • Internationalisation - discussions around the lack of good, free tools for i18n'ing applications and user interfaces easily.
  • Crunchpad device, and a brief side-conversation about Mike Arringtons antics in the geek media lately.
  • Build Providers, and their uses.
  • Refactoring legacy code as a skill and discussions around painting inwards from many corners and other apporaches to dividing, conquering and controlling legacy code.
  • Vodafone MM7 gateway on the way.
  • Outsourcing / Telecommuting, and general factors such as Time zones, synchronizing streams of works, the productivity bonuses and personality challenges of working away from your team.
  • Ipod touch as a handheld device to target for business app development.
  • Conditional defines, modularity and the roll on effects for continuous integration and support.
  • Mono's difficulties/bad PR on Linux as people get confused/concerned about licensing.
  • Memory mapped files in .Net 4.0 (easier to use that you'd expect).
  • Was ruby the right choice - discussing thoughtworks experiences with ruby, the velocity at which new tools are developed/adopted/dropped for the ruby platform, and what paralells and differences exist between it and .Net.

We also had a new comer, who's just moved back to Auckland from overseas, Josh
.  Always glad to see new faces!
Written on July 7, 2009