Architecture Chat #49

Here's what we talked about at last weeks weeks Architecture chat...

  • Black fibre (sparked off by this story in the US)
  • Unmarked helicopters.
  • Open XML SDK 2.0 April Refresh.
  • Need for XML Tidy / Reformatting / Code clean of word xml before parsing/processing it with automated tools to simplify/combine runs etc.
  • Writing your own mini-DNS server, and approaches to programmatically balancing load and geographic distribution via DNS.
  • Legacy codebases, and the true cost of "small updates" to legacy apps.
  • Outsourcing horror stories.
  • Encrypted stored procedures.
  • Wolfram AlphaGoogle squared and Google wave and the joys of tabular data.
  • Data centre location/latency issues (especially for parts of Europe and the pacific/Oceania regions).
  • Project Natal for XBox 360

Next meeting is Thursday, 18th June 2009 - see you all there!
Written on June 8, 2009