Architecture Chat #37 & #38

Apologies for not having written up the last couple of Architecture
chats - because I'm short for time I'm just going to publish some
links for the various things we talked about in both chats.

Code Analysis Toolks (Chat #38)

  • NStatic
    - and some of the other stuff Wesner Moise gets up to.
  • PREfast
    Analysis tool and some it's history.
  • The demise of FxCop
    and some discussion about why it doesn't seem to be up to play
    with the 3.5 Framework and also some discussion around it's
    Integration with VS.Net.
  • Gendarme
    from the Mono Project.
  • Smokey - which I
    think is integrated into mono develop now along with Gendarme.
  • VS2010 Code Analysis & Code Metrics support.
  • NDepend and the challenge
    of interpreting results.

Domain driven design examples (Chat #38) - we had a brief
lunchtime discussion around what's out there and the difficulties
in finding more holistic examples - the Shipping
is a good resource, but is for Java - there was a
proposal a while back on the ALT.Net list to port this over to .Net
& NHibernate (with a first cut of the domain model done with

Naked Objects
) but haven't heard much since.

Discussed that Microsoft etc. are still searching for more industry
in Auckland to participate in the Imagine Cup 2009 - incidentally this
year the topic is a lot more forgiving (it came under some critcism
last year with it's environmental focus).

Other topics for Chat #38 Also include BizSpark, and the good parts
(great from a cashflow perspective) and bad parts (generally forces
you into a forming a seperate company if you've already been
established for a while or making the move from bespoke to product)
- we also had a discussion/report of the Microsoft Focus group that
Garreth & myself attended. 

Also discussed was the OODB -> ORM Idea and the issues around
the performance profile issues you may only discover once you swap
to an ORM i.e. SELECT N + 1 etc, as a brief talk about the
implications of writing LOB applications in Silverlight, hosted
within a winforms app.  I argued against the OODB because most
of the benefits can be realised as long as your ORM is capable of
generating a schema, such as NHibernate and many others can.

Chat #37 Covered a lot of PDC details, Windows 7, MS Surface SDK
availability, NHibernate profiler, Mozilla Prism, Linq to Sql being
put on the back-burner, C# 4 features, The M grammar language and
some discussion around things we're not entirely clear on yet i.e.
how does M handle migrations and scheme changes as the
understanding of a domain/model evolves.  There was a lot more
besides that, but my memory fails me.

The next chat is this Thursday 4th December - it may or may not be
the last one for the year - we shall see!
Written on December 2, 2008