Architecture Chat #32

Here's the write-up for Architecture Chat #32 (from Thursday 7th August 2008) ... some of the things we discussed:

  • JablJass  (Javascript abstraction language) - we discussed this approach of writing languages that transform into another language - the tradeoffs of debug experience vs. productivity etc.
  • Debug experiences in DSL's and in particular the lack of support in these language rewriting/transformation projects.
  • The magic bullet language i.e. two-way debugging experience, language independent refactoring support, modular/pluggable language support (sorta like Boo).
  • Code camp at the end of this month.
  • Self explaining code / blaming code (i.e. code that can explain the decisions it makes in english, or at least identify the blame (i.e. steps) that lead to the result it selected.  Though we didn't bring it up, I quite like the way Rhino Security does this.
  • xUnit thoughts after a month of using it on a commercial project.
  • Ice ZeroC - WCF alternative?
  • Sql Server partitioned tables, and the simpler query plans / improvements in 2008.

See the wiki for write up's of previous chats, thanks to all those who attended.
Written on August 18, 2008