Architecture Chat #27

Architecture Chat was today... discussions included:

  • ADO.Net Data Services shortcomings (no COUNT for starters...

  • Entity Framework usability & the extensibility model (or
    lack thereof) etc.
  • Template Engines / Domain specific languages and debug
  • The EyeFI
    SD Card that packs both Wireless and GPS + 2GB
    storage into a single package.

  • Sql Server Compressed Tables & Indexes.
  • Thoughts around having pile-like columns in a
    database, and avoiding column-level information redundancy
    (compressed column).

  • StringBuilder performance.
  • Practical uses for BigTable (and Amazon SimpleDB etc.).

  • A lot of developers don't use or even know of the yield
    operator in C#.

Thanks all for coming and see you in a couple of weeks.
Written on May 29, 2008