Architecture Chat #26 Tomorrow

There's an Architecture Chat Tomorrow - 15th May, 11:30am at Garrisons, Syliva Park.

Some possible thoughts around topics are:

  • VS2008 SP1 / .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 beta released - loads of goodies.
  • OpenId and the current call to Arms for .Net developers.
  • OAuth (especially when writing REST API's).
  • Implementing Dashboards in Web MVC Frameworks.
  • Code generation vs. code synthesis and how it relates to Model Driven Architecture and code generation tools.
  • What are the impacts of embracing polyglot programming within an organisation, can it be potentially harmful?

If you have any other topic suggestions just leave a comment on this post, or flick me an email if you're the shy type.

Previous posts and further details about this group can be found on my wiki here.

See you all tomorrow!

Written on May 13, 2008