Architecture Chat 17 Tomorrow...

Just a quick announcement.

The Architecture chat is tomorrow, 11:30am at the usual spot... some possible topics for discussion.

  • AOP - Who's doing it day to day, and what tools are available out there for it, partly sparked by my belated look at PostSharp.
  • Sharepoint - yes I'm still on it, and unlike Peter Jones I'm still not loving it all that much (though I don't have the luxuary of MOSS and it's additional features).
  • MonoDevelop is finally in beta - Mono is looking more and more attractive as an alternative, but I'm still unsure I could survive without resharper.
  • Windows 2008 RC is out & Vista SP1 (for select people) - anyone played with them yet?

If anyone else has any topic suggestions then let me know, otherwise it'll just be an open discussion - much like every other time :)

See you there!

Written on October 2, 2007