Architecture Chat 16 Tomorrow


Another architecture chat tomorrow, 11:30am at the usual spot... some possible topics for discussion.

  • Row vs Column database storage, is Column based storage important?
  • Dead Skills - What skills are on the way out / way in for Developers, DBA & Architects?
  • Castle Project RC3 will be out shortly, I'll let you know whats going on.
  • I've been watching quite a few TED presentations over the last month or so - and it leads me to wonder, what sources of Inspiration do people tap into for their own Software Creation?
  • PLINQ update - it's getting closer!
  • I thought this was interesting - a new way to detect code theft, though how many of us in NZ actually fear code theft at the moment?

Light on topics, but still there's plenty of things to fuel debate - look forward to seeing you all there.  If anyone has anything else they would like to talk about it (or raised for debate, if you can't make it along) then just leave me a comment or flick me an email.

btw - Not sure if Alex James will be making it along to this one, but if he does, it will certainly be his last before leaving NZ for the U.S of A.

Written on September 18, 2007