2010-08-24 - Architecture Chat Tomorrow

Architecture Chat this Thursday 26th August - 11:30am -
Garrisons, Sylvia Park, Auckland.

Some potential topics:

For those people attending the Architecture Chat this week
Mindscape have kindly
offered to provide licenses of their NHibernate designer tool -
more details will be given at the chat.

The wave for this week can be found here - if you have other topics you would like to discuss,
post them there.

There is also a wiki (somewhat outdated) with additional details about the
Architecture chat, including location etc.

Also don't forget that Code Camp is this Sunday, August
29th.  You can see the list of sessions and plan your day on
the website here
It's bigger and better then ever before this year, so it should
be a great event!

See you all tomorrow!

Written on August 24, 2010