2010-08-04 - Architecture Chat Tomorrow

The Architecture Chat is on tomorrow, 5th of August 2010,
11:30am, Sylvia Park, Auckland.

Some potential topics for discussion:

The wave this week can be found here.  If you want to raise topics for next time either email them, start a wave, or post them on twitter with the hashtag #ArchitectureChat.

There is also a wiki (somewhat outdated) with additional details about the Architecture chat, including location etc.

Also coming up this month:

  • Google bar camp - Saturday 21st August, 2010.  People are still cancelling, so I believe slots are freeing up quite regularly.
  • Auckland Code Camp - Sunday August 29th 2010.   Shaping up to be a great event.

See you all tomorrow.
Written on August 4, 2010