2009-02-24 - Architecture Chat This Thursday

Architecture chat this Thursday, 26th February, 11:30am, Garrisons, Sylvia Park, Auckland.

I'm short on topic ideas, mostly because I've been playing catch-up over the last couple of weeks, but I have a few small things that piqued my interest:

  • New Zealand copyright blackout - implications for development community. and 92a delayed.
  • StyleCop for ReSharper.
  • Language-agnostic code contracts (here and here).
  • The state of caching in the Entity Framework, and approaches to implementing caching in an ORM / rolling your own 2nd level cache implementation.
  • Optional and named parameters in C# 4.0 and some interesting observations on versioning issues with the current implementation.
  • Prism 2.0 is now live.
  • The bad apple effect - anyone seen this in wild recently?
  • MonoDevelop 2.0 - the first beta has been released... Some interesting things like support for the Vala language, new native C# editor implementation and an eagerness to bring monodevelop to windows.
  • Quince - Interesting UX Patterns explorer from Infragistics.

I'll see you all this Thursday, and remember new comers are always welcome - just drop me an email/comment to let us know your coming along so we can track you down.

Note: Write-ups of previous meetings and additional info i.e. directions to the location, are available on the wiki.

Written on February 24, 2009