2009-02-03 - Architecture Chat This Thursday

Architecture chat this Thursday, 5th February, 11:30am, Garrisons, Sylvia Park, Auckland.

Some of the topics I raised at the last chat we skipped over.. so I might resurrect them again this week:

  • Factor, Forth and stack based languages in general.
  • Net negative producing programmers.  NNPP.  Do we need barriers to entry into this
    profession, or some tools that can be used to persuade people to
    leave?  And what's the cost of NNPP?
  • Elitism in software development.
  • Aspect Inheritance... Aspect inheritance in PostSharp 1.5 CTP 2 and Deeper Into Aspect Inheritance.
  • What was good/bad about last year (both in the chat, NZ dev community and development space in general) and predictions for this year.
  • Traditional training for developers - do developers still attend training courses in NZ, where, what's the value etc.

And of course some new topics / things that have piqued my interest over the last few weeks:
I'll see you all this Thursday, and remember new comers are always welcome - just drop me an email/comment to let us know your coming along so we can track you down.

Note: Write-ups of previous meetings and additional info i.e. directions to the location, are available on the wiki.

Written on February 3, 2009