2009-01-19 - Architecture Chat This Thursday

The Architecture Chat is starting up again for 2009, with the
first one planned for this Thursday, January 22nd 2009, 11:30 am,
Garrisons @ Sylvia Park.

I'm still building a list of topics - here are some initial
thoughts and things that have taken my interest lately - and of
course you can leave a comment on my blog or send me an email/IM
with any topic suggestions you might have:

  • target="_blank">Probative Programming.

  • target="_blank">Lean Software development growing in
    support, and the Agile community black lash.

  • target="_blank">Factor,
    target="_blank">Forth and stack based languages in general.
  • Net negative producing programmers.  NNPP.  Do we need barriers to entry into this
    profession, or some tools that can be used to persuade people to
    leave?  And what's
    target="_blank">the cost of NNPP?
  • Elitism in software development.
  • Aspect Inheritance...
    target="_blank">Aspect inheritance in PostSharp 1.5 CTP 2
    target="_blank">Deeper Into Aspect Inheritance.
  • Windows 7 Beta First Impressions (I've been using it on my
    laptop for a few days now... Herding code
    just did a podcast on this as well).
  • What was good/bad about last year (both in the chat, NZ dev
    community and development space in general) and predictions for
    this year.
  • Traditional training for developers - do developers still
    attend training courses in NZ, where, what's the value etc.

See you all this Thursday!

BTW - Write-ups of previous meetings, and directions etc. can be
found on the Architecture Chat wiki.

Written on January 19, 2009