2008 Summer Road Trip

As mentioned on both Darryl's and JB's blogs - in February of next year Chris, Darryl & JB will be touring around New Zealand to tell you all about "2008" (SQL 2K8, VS.NET 2K8 & Windows 2K8 that is) and they're getting "locals" to participate in the various centers, and I just happen to be that "Local" for Auckland, though hopefully not too "Local".

So either follow the links above for the full announcement of centers and dates, or if you are local to Auckland then just click on the following link and sign yourself up for the session on Monday February 4th - it's also worth noting that if you both register and turn up (I believe you have to do both ;o) you go into the draw for one of 3 home servers... education and swag.

It should be a lot of fun, so register and come along next year!

Edit: just noticed Chris has also  posted, and included some extra details - so take a look!

Written on December 10, 2007