2008 Summer Road Trip - Day 1

So the  sun has set on day 1 of the Summer Road Trip 2008 in Auckland - The Presentation was done by JB, Chris and Myself this afternoon - it went very well, people enjoyed the content and the mix of integration, server management, database and development topics really meshed together nicely I thought...

There was enough to keep everyone interested, regardless of the hat you wear - and plenty of prizes too - well all love swag right?!

Big thanks to our MC Jaqcui, who handled the Intro and Outro and let everyone know about the local EllerslieCentral Auckland user group's - where I'll be sure to run a few sessions later in the year... and of course Darryl for handling some of the finer details like the venue, lunch, and the dinner afterwards - much appreciated.

For all those that came along - first off thanks for coming, obviously without participation in these events they'll just dry up and stop happening - and second don't forgot that there is no time like the present to start picking up these technologies and developing applications with and for them - the products are all but ready, so why can't you be (and not only are they great technologies, they're fun too).

The next presentation is in Tauranga - and there are still places left, so sign up here -
It's going to be on tomorrow (5th of Feb) at 1:00pm I believe.

And finally a short plug ;o)

For anyone that found this presentation interesting and would like to discuss the technical details of things like emerging technologies, general software Architecture, Developer Tools, Running software businesses etc.  I also organise the local
Sylvia Park Architecture Chat - which is a pretty casual meeting of some very smart people in the .Net Community.

We normally get together on a fortnightly basis at Garrisons in Sylvia Park and are always keen to have more people/fresh faces to come along and join in our discussions or even just float some development/architecture questions or problems you might have that the group can help solve - keep an eye on my blog, or the dot.net.nz mailing list for announcements of when we'll next be meeting up :)

And all are welcome of course!

Written on February 4, 2008