2008-09-09 - Architecture chat tomorrow (Thursday)

Architecture chat tomorrow, Thursday - 11th September @
11:30am onwards.

Some possible topics / things that have caught my eye lately:

  • Google Chrome - V8's great,
    flash works but our "anywhere" platform silverlight wont, and
    apparently not until chrome gains market share... hmmm.

  • TechEd Roundup - including the infamous keynote.
  • Teched Bloggers Dinner report and related "NZ blogging push"
    for the next year.
  • C# Library for controlling EC2 Instances (via David)
  • Generic Natural Language DSL (via ayende)

  • Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) Preview 2 vs. Mono.Addins.

  • Resharper

  • Spec/BDD frameworks (MSpec,
    StoryQ etc.)
  • Monorail in the Cloud.

See you all there!

P.S. Information regarding the location and previous chat write-ups
can be found here.
Written on September 9, 2008