2008-07-08 - Architecture Chat Tomorrow

Architecture chat tomorrow, some things that have caught my eye lately:

  • Non-paged CLR host - Non paging during normal operation and no paging will occur when the application is idle.... hmmm... could be useful!
  • StyleCop - C# source code analysis for compliance against a set of rules that embody Microsoft's own style conventions.
  • Spartan programming
  • PSake - build automation tool without the angle bracket "tax" (bit like rake or bake (boo make) - but with more similiarity to existing command line tools).
  • Dependency Injection is dead? (A provocatively named article, but really it's just about using compile-time IL-weaving to do lazy loaded DI).
  • TypeMock racer - interesting deadlock finder (still under development) - and probably a sign of things to come (i.e. array of tooling to verify sound multi-threaded code).
  • AAA style syntax for Rhino Mocks (Arrange, Act, Assert) - I've been using this for the past couple of weeks on a project, it really allows for concise easy to read testing with stubs/mocks.

If anyone has any topics they'd like to cover just leave a comment on this post (so other's can get a heads up as well).

Notes from previous meetings and directions etc. can be found here on my wiki - all are welcome to attend.

Also tonight is the Ellerslie .Net user group - A testers perspective's with Hafiz Vegdani, starting at 6pm.

Written on July 8, 2008