2008-06-24 - Architecture Chat Tomorrow

Architecture Chat Tomorrow... Some possible things to talk

Subversion 1.5 - and it's new
merge tracking

WCF/WF Features
in .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 - a blog post caught
my eye with things I hadn't noticed before mostly around
DataContract Serialization i.e. ability to serialize graphs (not
just trees), an attribute-free mode for the serializer and a suite
of strongly typed classes to make implementing AtomPub easier (i.e.
Workspaces etc.).

P/Invoke Interop Assistant
- handy little tool, about 5 years
too late for me :)

Umbrella Project -
Interesting project, take a look at Ayendes
involved post
for an overview.  The
ExtensionPoint approach for making extensions more
discoverable is interesting - something we discussed right back
when the first beta's of VS2008 were on the horizon.

I'd personally also like to talk about some thoughts people have on
the bare minimums for a usable language and domain specific
languages in particular - i.e. debugging, native support for
comments etc. and some experiences with a rather hostile Model
driven architecture transformation language I've had to deal with
over the last couple of weeks :)

As usual, if anyone has any topics - feel free to leave a comment,
send me an email etc.

Notes from previous meetings and directions etc. can be found
on my wiki - anybody is welcome to come along.

Written on June 24, 2008