2008-04-29 - Architecture Chat Tomorrow

Architecture chat tomorrow, 1st May, 11:30am at Garrisons, Syliva Park.

Last week was a nice general discussion, I wouldn't mind doing something similar again - so I'm pretty topic light at the moment... other then a few general observations from the community.

  • LiveMesh - lots of talk about this over the last couple of weeks.
  • xUnit 1.0 now available.
  • New Drop of Spec# available.
  • Migrations frameworks - plenty to choose from now, including Migrator.NetRikMigrationsMachine.Migrations [src] and Twining (though more of a general toolkit than a migrations framework)... probably missed a few others as well.

If you have any other topic suggestions just leave a comment on this post.

See you all tomorrow!

Written on April 29, 2008